Why Industrial Laptop Carts Are Critical for Healthcare Facilities

Why Industrial Laptop Carts Are Critical for Healthcare Facilities

As hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities around the world invest in newer technology to catch up to the 21st century, it is important to ask what the benefits are and what things healthcare facilities should really be investing in.

One piece of equipment that can make a world of difference to the operations of any healthcare facility is the industrial laptop cart. More so than any other technological investment, industrial laptop carts make a difference for medical staff, for patients and for your bottom line.


A great benefit of industrial laptop carts is that they can be custom-built for your organization’s individual needs. This means that a single cart can house a medical-grade laptop, along with secure storage for medication and other necessary supplies.

Most carts are powered, which means they can power equipment, which no longer needs permanent space in any room, and can be shared among multiple patient rooms. Being powered also means that the equipment and systems on the industrial laptop cart are not dependent on the power grid, hence are not affected by power outages or surges. They can simply be recharged, and batteries can be swapped as needed, minimizing any potential downtime. It also means that your electronics and data is protected from corruption and malfunction that can be caused by power surges and outages.

Making a Difference
Just think about the difference that having mobile electronics can make for your employees. Patient-facing staff can now bring supplies and charting information to the patient’s location, saving lost time and effort. This allows doctors to have more one-on-one time with their patients, leading to better patient engagement and higher patient retention rates. Not only this, the time saved leads to staff being able to accommodate more patients in a single day, leading directly to a healthier bottom line for your facility.

Having an industrial laptop cart also allows you to move around the equipment you need for your practice. This means there is no need for a fixed computer and equipment stations in each room. This saves a lot of money and downtime that those fixtures would consume when they are installed, maintained and repaired.

Computer Efficiencies

Another tremendous benefit of investing in industrial laptop carts is the ability to easily update software and make fixed to systems without disrupting operations as the carts can be worked on one at a time, without the need for the patient room. This is not possible with fixed computer stations in every room.

Choosing the Right Cart

Once you have made the decision to invest in industrial laptop carts for your business, it is important to choose a manufacturer that you can rely upon for quality of the carts and quality of their service.

Look for carts with patented FMCPT (Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology) in order to make sure you get the greatest benefits of being mobile.

What makes this technology the recommended option is the reliability of the power systems and the ability to ‘hot-swap’ without losing power.

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