4 Mistakes That Doom Your Workouts

4 Mistakes That Doom Your Workouts

Achieve your fitness goals. Do your best to avoid the following mistakes.

DIY workouts

Working out on your own is a good idea if you’re motivated, know what you need and are doing the exercises properly. But if the extent of your knowledge includes YouTube how-to videos, you may be doing the routines incorrectly. One wrong move could result in a broken wrist or ankle. Your needs will probably be better served by hiring the services of an instructor for personal training in Parkland.

Hiring the wrong trainer

Choosing the first trainer you find isn’t the right move, either. Take your time finding someone who’s a good fit for you. What kind of credentials does the trainer have? What kind of teaching style or methods does he use? What’s his personality as a coach? Find someone who’s on the same page with you on these areas before you hire one.

Ignoring red flags

When you pick an instructor for personal training in Parkland, keep your eyes peeled for red flags. If your trainer keeps overcomplicating everything, spends more time on his phone than monitoring you during your exercises, uses programs that don’t seem tailored to your needs, only count your reps instead of checking whether you did those routines right and spends more time talking to you than training you, then those are red flags to watch out for, the Lifehack says.

Having zero goals

Don’t rush into a program. Think about what you want to achieve. What are your fitness goals? If you only want to lose weight, ask yourself why. Is it to improve your health or the way you feel about yourself? Digging deeper can make you realize goals you may have only internalized but had never said out loud. Now that you’ve realized your goals, you can start going in the right direction.

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