The Best Risk Adjustment Solutions

Working in healthcare exposes you to many patients who have chronic health conditions. This is true, whether you work at the bedside or in an office role, such as billing and coding. However, you may not know these patients are a high risk to insurers. That’s where risk adjustment comes in. This method is used to offset health insurance costs for these patients. In a nutshell, insurance companies that enroll a large number of high-risk patients receive compensation to make up for the extra costs associated with these individuals. The question remains, what are the best risk adjustment solutions available? Read below to find out.

Maximize Your Reimbursements

Insurance reimbursements begin at the bedside. The best risk adjustment solutions require accurate and detailed information, including diagnoses in the patient’s chart in order for insurance companies to be billed properly. This also minimizes the risk of claims denial. Of course, we are all aware human error can and will occur. This, in turn, can cause healthcare facilities to miss out on valuable reimbursements.

Use a Provider That Specializes in Risk Adjustment

The best risk adjustment solutions are found through hiring experts who specialize in maximizing your returns. These companies help connect patients with their physicians through utilizing industry leading software. This helps Identify the presence of gaps in care. This, in turn, this improves quality of care, increases revenue and helps meet compliance guidelines. In addition, these companies provide ongoing support, analysis and score gap interventions.

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