What You Need to Know About Hair Removal Treatment in Tucson

There is nothing that looks more unbecoming on a person than excessive body hair. Previously, the options that were available when it came to body hair removal included enduring excruciating pain at the spa or a waxing job or letting the hair grow. However, many other treatments that are better, more permanent and less painful have come up. Here are a few of the newest methods used in hair removal treatment in Tucson.

Discovering the cause of excessive hair

Body hair is normal. It is the body’s heat insulation mechanism. However, there are people that inherit the genes of excessive hair growth. There are also other conditions such as having a hormone secreting tumor and PCOs which leads to excessive hair growth. The rate of hair growth is what determines the removal techniques that will work best for you. The most common removal methods are as follows.

Use of laser

This is one of the more permanent hair removal methods. Laser hair treatment involves the use of pulsed light energy which travels down through the shaft of the hair and destroys the root. The result of this removal method does not happen immediately. After the treatment, the hair weakens and drops off in a few days. There is a new laser removal machine, the DUET. It combines the weakening action of a conventional laser with a little suction for better removal results. This method needs about 5 to 7 sessions and will cost you $150 to $500. This method needs to be retouched only twice a year, making it quite economical.


This is the only hair removal method that can be termed as permanent. With this procedure, tiny needles are inserted to the hair and move down all the way to the cells that control hair growth. The destruction of these cells leads to complete inability of the skin cells to grow hair. It takes about 20 sessions or more depending on the amount of hair that you need removed. However, the good thing about the procedure is that a session only lasts about 10 to 25 minutes.

These are two of the most effective hair removal treatment in Tucson. To learn more about hair removal, go to .

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