What Can Women Expect From Body Waxing?

What Can Women Expect From Body Waxing?

One of the worst beauty chores a woman must take care of is removing unwanted body hair. While there are many tools that can be used to remove hair, these often produce lackluster results. Shaving leaves behind embarrassing and uncomfortable stubble. In a matter of days, the hair has grown back and requires further shaving. Plucking can be painful and can lead to ingrown hairs that can become infected. The best way to remove hair is through body waxing in St. Johns, FL. This procedure removes hair from the root, so the skin is smooth and hair-free for up to two weeks.

Body waxing can be carried out on just about anywhere on the body. Common areas for waxing are the legs, chest, arms, back and bikini areas. Waxing can also be carried out in on the face though a special low-heat wax is typically used on these areas. It is important a woman is prepared for her waxing treatment by taking these precautions:

  • A woman should not shave or pluck her hair for at least a week before her waxing treatment. The hair needs to be long enough so that the wax can grab the hair so it can be removed.
  • One should not use any lotion or skin products on the day of her waxing treatment. These products can cause issues with the wax being able to properly adhere.
  • Although waxing treatments rarely cause major pain, they can cause some mild discomfort. Some women prepare for these treatments by taking Tylenol or ibuprofen before their appointment.

The process of waxing involves the aesthetician first applying a topical numbing cream. This cream helps to prevent any discomfort during the procedure. The warm wax will then be carefully applied in the direction of the hair growth. A cloth strip will be applied over the wax and, once the two have bonded, the strip will be pulled in the opposite direction of the hair so the hairs can be removed from the follicles.

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