Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Autism Therapy In Miami FL For Children

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Health Care


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Autism Therapy for Children
Although the cause of autism remains unknown, what is known is that it may be caused by abnormalities in brain function and structure. Children born with autism may not show prominent signs of autism before the age of 24 months.

Physicians generally diagnose autism in children around age two or three. However, physicians have noted that if a child is diagnosed with autism in the earliest stages of development, it is possible to alter brain function through Autism therapy in Miami FL for children.

The Goals of ABA Therapy
Repetitive behavior, inability to sense in emotion in others, poor eye contact, self-harm, impulsiveness and avoidance of social interactions are common signs of autism.

With ABA therapy for children, the goals are to improve these symptoms by helping the child to develop increased cognition, comprehension and longer attention span as well as better communication and ability to follow directions. ABA therapy also helps children socialize and interact with peers and adults.

The ABA Therapy Program
The best ABA therapy for children is a program that works one to one with the individual child. Therapy for children with autism begins with a full assessment of their specific behaviors and cognition.

Readapting the Autistic Child’s Environment
For children with autism, Autism therapy in Miami FL endeavors to help the child’s environment adapt to the child’s needs, rather than the child’s needs adapting to the environment around them.

By setting up a progressive program of ABA therapy, the child’s achievements are shared between the autistic child, parents,and therapists in a concerted effort toward effective child development and behavioral milestones.

Through ABA therapy, the child may alter a majority of autistic symptoms but continue to have residual signs of their early childhood symptoms.

ABA therapy helps the child maintain focus on their ability to develop and become aware of their potential. You can visit A1A Behavioral Health for personalized attention to your child and family.