Can a chiropractor in Eden Prairie, MN help a patient with TMJ?

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Health Care


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If a person starts to experience symptoms associated with TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) disorders he or she may be best served by scheduling an early appointment with a chiropractor. The TMJ is located on each side of the skull, in front of each ear; it is the point where the lower jaw attaches to the skull.

The TMJ moves every time a person eats, chews, speaks or yawns. Of all the joints in the human body the TMJ is the one most often used and like every joint it can be affected by muscle disorders which are usually the result of grinding the teeth or tightly clenching the jaw. Any injury to this joint is one other reason why a person would be wise to contact a chiropractor near Eden Prairie, MN.

One of the first symptoms of problems with the TMJ is experiencing limitations with the range of movement they have with the joint when they are eating, speaking or yawning. Other tell-tale symptoms might include a grinding sound when trying to perform these normal functions. Some patients, once they are with their chiropractor near Eden Prairie, MN say that they feel a “clicking” sound when they attempt to move their jaw.

When these symptoms appear, arranging a session with their chiropractor can give relief. A part of the training a chiropractor gets is to evaluate the jaw to determine if the joint is misaligned. The chiropractor will interview the patient, getting his or her full medical history and then do a physical examination. If the examination is not conclusive the chiropractor will resort to X-Rays.

When looking at a specific condition a chiropractor looks at the whole person, taking into account their lifestyle. With this “whole person” approach the chiropractor is in a much better position to recommend the appropriate treatment. If TMJ is diagnosed the chiropractor will recommend a course of drug-free therapy that is designed to provide pain relief and to treat the cause of the problem. No two treatments are exactly the same and usually require a series of visits for continued care and follow-up.

In many cases the cause of the TMJ is simply stress; in this case the chiropractor near Eden Prairie, MN will show the patient a series of muscle relaxing exercises that, if followed, will solve the problem. The chiropractor may also turn to other measures such as massage or electrical stimulation of the joint. Contact Chanhassen Chiropractic to schedule an appointment.