Achieve Healthier Feet with a Visit to Your Podiatrist

Achieve Healthier Feet with a Visit to Your Podiatrist

Over the years, feet can take a beating, with work duties, sports activities, accidents, and thousands of steps taken just going about daily life. Add to the mix a variety of different kinds of footwear that are not always kind to foot and ankle structures. These factors can lead to different types of foot problems that may require the specialized knowledge and training of a Hinsdale podiatrist.

Common Types of Foot and Ankle Problems

Problems like hammertoe, corns, calluses, bunions, and foot wounds are common in the adult population and often require specialized care. In addition, individuals who are diabetic may have special foot problems that can become serious if not properly treated. Ankle sprains, instability, and Achilles tendon injuries are also common and benefit from the experienced care provided by a podiatrist. Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and ingrown nails are also problems that can be commonly treated by a podiatrist.

What Happens During Your Visit to a Hinsdale Podiatrist

Your podiatrist will use X-rays and other testing to determine the cause of your foot or ankle problem. Treatment of foot and ankle issues includes prescribing medications, setting bones, draining excess fluid, administering injections, and providing corrective footwear. The podiatrist may also refer you to other medical specialists when needed.

If you are experiencing foot pain or problems with ankle weakness, a visit to a podiatrist helps to resolve these issues to allow you to enjoy greater comfort and better function. Mitchell Foot & Ankle also serves the Chicago surrounding suburbs, so if you need an experienced Hinsdale podiatrist, contact them for an appointment to learn about the many services they offer.

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