Jobs for CNAs in Newtown, PA: Health-Related and Personal Care Tasks

Jobs for CNAs in Newtown, PA: Health-Related and Personal Care Tasks

Someone who enjoys spending time with older men and women and likes to help people might be interested in becoming a certified nurse aide for a senior community. Also known as nursing assistants, these workers are crucial members of the team at nursing homes, memory care communities, and respite care centers. Jobs for CNAs in Newtown, PA feature a broad range of daily tasks and interaction with many people.


To become certified as a nurse aide, Pennsylvania requires men and women to complete a state-approved training program that is at least 80 hours long. Afterward, they must pass a national exam. The programs ensure employers that the workers have gained a certain level of expertise qualifying them to effectively perform all the expected duties.

Health-Related Tasks

CNAs do many health-related tasks during their shifts. For instance, in nursing homes and memory care communities, they may check each resident’s vital signs every day. That includes checking blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, and temperature. Any significant changes are to be reported to the supervisor.

Personal Care Service

Nurse aides also provide personal care services as needed. Some residents need help with bathing, hair shampooing and combing, and getting dressed. Help with oral hygiene may be necessary. Some residents require assistance in the bathroom. In jobs for CNAs in Newtown, PA, nurse aides respond promptly when residents press the call button for assistance.

Employment Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a strong employment outlook for this occupation. The senior population continues to increase, and many of these individuals will eventually benefit from some type of assisted living environment. That means job security for CNAs in a rewarding career.

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