Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal in Schaumburg

Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal in Schaumburg

A laser hair removal procedure occurs when a cosmetic professional transmits a beam of light to the client’s hair follicle. The light becomes heat, destroying the hair follicles. Therefore, it permanently stops or slows hair growth.

Laser hair removal is currently the most popular way of removing hair to achieve smooth, attractive legs and arms. If you are a beginner looking for a laser hair removal in Schaumburg, here is an overall guide on everything about the procedure:

Clean Skin Before Treatment

Before going to the spa or salon for the laser treatment, ensure your skin is clean. Clean skin allows the laser to go straight to the hair follicles and slow hair growth. Dirt and lotions are known to disrupt the effectiveness of the laser.

Avoid Plucking or Waxing

Plucking and waxing completely uproot the hair. Therefore, when you pluck or wax your hair before the laser treatment, the melanin pigment cannot be found due to hair removal. Ensure your laser session is at least six weeks after uprooting your hair.

Shave the Treatment Region

Shaving does not remove hair from the roots meaning the hair pigments can be found easily. Moreover, it would help if you shaved to discard hair from the skin’s surface to reduce the chances of being burnt by the laser device.

Use Medications with Caution

Other medications may disrupt laser hair removal by increasing skin sensitivity and side effects. These medications include acne products, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, hormone treatment, and blood thinners.

Dr. Dabawala at Horizon Medical Center is one of the best laser hair removal in Schaumburg. They ensure clients know which skin products to avoid before the treatment. Avoiding alcohol is key to preventing skin dehydration and enhancing a lesser painful treatment. You can schedule an appointment with them at https://www.horizonmedicalcenter.net.

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