Why Your Pets Need To See A Veterinarian In Chicago

Why Your Pets Need To See A Veterinarian In Chicago

While it can be difficult to consider the cost of a veterinarian in Chicago, it is also important to keep your pets healthy and safe. If you thought you had a bad cold, but it came with a fever, you’d go to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t something more serious. If your kids had high fevers or stomach pain, you’d likely take them to the doc, so why wouldn’t you take your pet to the vet in order to find out causes of medical problems or just to have a regular checkup?

Peace of Mind

If you have children, you’ll ultimately remember that first time your child had a cough or a fever. You probably rushed to the doctor and got a thorough checkup to ensure that everything was okay. The same is likely to be true for pet owners, especially those with their first puppy or kitten. You want peace of mind that your furry friend is going to be okay, even if they aren’t feeling well.

Flea/Tick Medicine

While you can always go online to find do-it-yourself medications for fleas and ticks, most people still believe it is best to go to their vet. They are likely to have the best quality medicines and are more familiar with the procedure than you.

You may also think that because your dog is an inside pet that they don’t require this medication, but if they go outside at all, they probably will.


Vaccines are necessary for all members of the household, including pets. You would go out and get your child vaccinated appropriately, so you should also do so with your pets. While it can be difficult to know which vaccinations are appropriate for which animal, your veterinarian in Chicago will know what and when to give them.

Specific Procedures

Just like you or your child may need a specialty procedure, such as fixing a broken bone or an ultrasound, so may your pet. It is important to get these procedures done when the vet recommends it because it could save your pet’s life. At the very least, it will get them well faster than they would otherwise. You will need to contact your vet to find out which procedures they offer.

A veterinarian in Chicago is ultimately there to keep your pet healthy or find out what is wrong with them. Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic offers both regular care, emergency needs and dental help, so call today. Visit us online at http://portagepark.com/.

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