FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant Compared to Fat Blockers

There is no question about it: America is currently suffering from an overweight epidemic. With more than two in three American adults being considered overweight and over one in three adults considered obese, it’s clear that we must be doing more to support healthy weight loss in this country. This is one of the reasons why many individuals are now choosing to take advantage of FDA approved appetite suppressants.

What Is an FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant?

Explore the aisles of most natural and alternative health food stores and you will find a lot of products of which very few are actually approved by the American government. An FDA approved appetite suppressant is one of the few products that the Federal Drug Administration believes is safe for consumption. In order to gain this designation, the drug or supplement must go through a number of rigorous and in-depth tests and trials. This deems that the product is of quality, is safe, and can be effective.

Appetite Suppressant or Fat Blocker

An FDA approved appetite suppressant will likely fall into one or two categories:

1. It will be labeled as an appetite suppressant; or

2. It will be labeled as a fat blocker.

How both types of supplements function is significantly different.

Appetite Suppressants: The majority of appetite suppressants that are approved by the FDA contain a drug called Phentermine. This drug stimulates the brain’s neurons to trigger our instinctive “fight or flight” response. This in turn shuts off hunger our hunger signals.

Fat Blockers: Fat blockers are far less common than appetite suppressants. Those that have been approved by the FDA contain Orlistat. Fat blockers bind with the fat in the foods that you eat. This then prevents your body from absorbing the fat.

Which Is Best for Me?

Most individuals find appetite suppressants to be the most effective way to manage their weight loss. The Phentermine found in most of these supplements is tolerated well, and there are often little to no side effects. Phentermine has also been proven an effective chemical for weight loss.

Fat blockers have also been shown to work, but it does often come with more side effects. These side effects include intestinal discomfort, fecal incontinence, and gas. The more fat one consumes, the more persistent these side effects can be.

The most important step for one who is considering taking one of either type of weight loss product to take is to consult their physician. No drug – “natural” or otherwise – should be taken without the proper guidance and supervision of one’s doctor. Even FDA drugs can have dangerous side effects as they can interact with any current medications or health problems you may be managing.

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