Who Is Eligible For An Active Senior Community in ID?

There are places around the world where the older portions of the population are issued with a senior citizens’ ID which recognizes their age and entitles them to various discounts and senior’s privileges. The age at which they become eligible for such an ID card vary in accordance with the regulations in force and usually this relates to the official retirement age.

However, if we are in Idaho and talk about an Active Senior Community ID, we are referring to something very different. We are referring to ID as in the official abbreviation for Idaho and not a short way of saying “identification” (card).

Who Is A Senior?

In general, a senior is someone who has been doing something for a long time or, is the most qualified person to carry out certain tasks. However, probably the most common usage is when referring to anyone above a pre-determined age and, usually, but not always, drawing a pension after retiring from active employment. Retirement may be voluntary and can happen at any time a person desires regardless of age. However, if we link retirement age to the age at which the person becomes eligible for the Government old age insurance benefits, officially known as Retirement Insurance Benefits (or RIB for short), we are looking at people aged from 62 to 66 and up (depending upon their year of birth).

However, retirement either, on a private pension or, to live off wealth accumulated during working years, at age 55 is quite common. But, whatever the age, who decides if the person is an active senior or not?

What Is An Active Senior?

Some retirees simply wish to sit around, relax and reminisce all day and they could hardly be described as “active”. This may be their deliberate choice or one forced upon them by financial or medical considerations.

On the other hand, there are seniors who desire to spend their retirement years doing all the things that they enjoyed doing during spare time and vacations while working. These are the people we could call the “active seniors”.

Qualified Activity

We must all face up to the fact that, for most of us, our senior body simply cannot be as active as it was in its youth. For example, an active senior may still be able to put in a round of golf but, finds it difficult to climb the stairs to their third floor apartment. However, should they choose to move into specially designed housing within an Active Senior Community In ID, not only will they be living amongst their contemporaries but, their housing will be deliberately “senior-friendly”. Additionally, many activities will be located within or near to the community itself.

There is an excellent Active Senior Community In ID. Although designed for active people of 55+, the homes are all laid out to be user friendly as age advances.

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