When In-Home Senior Care in Simi Valley CA Is Needed, Don’t Forget To Evaluate The Home For Hidden Dangers

When In-Home Senior Care in Simi Valley CA Is Needed, Don’t Forget To Evaluate The Home For Hidden Dangers

As seniors age, they want to remain living in their own homes as long as possible. Very few would prefer to be care for in a facility (9%) or a relative’s home (4%). Professional and caring Senior Care in Simi Valley CA can provide the assistance needed to allow Mom or Dad to remain safe and happy in their own home. However, don’t overlook the home itself.

Have Professionals Evaluate the Home

Many homes contain hidden dangers to an older person with physical and/or mental challenges. Bring in both an experienced senior caregiver and a home remodeler to uncover these dangers and put a plan in place to remedy them.

Poor Lighting

Falls are very dangerous for seniors, so it’s essential that stairs, halls, walkways (both inside and out), kitchens and all other areas of the home are well-lit.


* Seniors can find it difficult to walk while carrying items, so may pile them on stairs, counters or near doorways.

* Frequently-used items on high shelves should be moved to lower shelves.

* Furniture and other items must be moved from walkways.

Slippery Floors

* Shiny, waxed floors and throw rugs could easily cause an infirm elder to fall. Replace with non-slip floor surfaces.

* Take a look at the soles of the senior’s preferred shoes and slippers. If necessary, replace with footwear with non-slip soles.

Bathroom and Water Hazards

* The water heater should be turned down to 120 degrees to avoid scalding water injuries.

* Non-skids mats should be placed in front of kitchen and bathroom sinks.

* Standard toilets should be replaced with higher handicapped toilets.

* Grab bars should be installed.

* The tub should have a non-skid surface.

* If possible, consider a tub-shower combo with a seat or a sit-in shower.

Easy Access

* Replace stairs with ramps.

* Doorways may need to be wider.

* Replace round doorknobs with levers.

*Electrical outlets should be high enough and electrical switches low enough to reach safely or for wheelchair access.

A Personal Alert System

This is invaluable in case of a fall or other injury when the senior is alone.

Pacific Coast Homecare provides a variety of personal care services to seniors and their families. Some of the services provided for senior care in Simi Valley CA include experienced and compassionate in home care-giving that makes it possible for elders to remain living in their homes. Skilled nursing care and specialized care are available as needed.

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