When Is It Time to Consider Senior Home Care in Decatur, GA?

When Is It Time to Consider Senior Home Care in Decatur, GA?

Making choices regarding elderly loved ones is never easy. Senior home care in Decatur, GA, might be right for the elderly who still live at home but need help with daily tasks. How do you know when to pursue in-home assistance? Here are a few indicators.

Driving Becomes Difficult

Driving safely is important for the elderly to remain independent. Age has a way of slowly taking this away. When your loved one is no longer confident driving, becomes anxious about it or has an accident, it may be time to consider senior home care in Decatur, GA, that can help with their need for transportation.

Cleaning and Chores Aren’t Maintained

You may start to notice the elderly let home cleaning and maintenance issues go longer than they should. If you see they are unable to keep up with daily cleaning, it may be because they simply cannot keep up with the demand any longer. They may still be able to enjoy their home a while longer if they have some in-home assistance. They will also be safe from possible health hazards.

Poor Hygiene or Loss of Weight

Daily chores and caring for the body become more difficult with age. Cooking, cleaning, bathing and other personal care tasks often go undone. Unusual weight loss and poor hygiene are signs it’s time to pursue senior home care in Decatur, GA. The staff takes care of these and other health-related issues.

Often Forgetful or Confused

If you notice your loved one experiencing more frequent forgetfulness or confusion, it might be time for in-home care. Always discuss your concerns with your loved one’s physician as these are also early signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia. An in-home assistant can help with daily tasks, personal care, medication management and much more.

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