Four Benefits of Utilizing a Mobile Cardiac Spect Exam in Oakbrook Terrance, IL

Four Benefits of Utilizing a Mobile Cardiac Spect Exam in Oakbrook Terrance, IL

A cardiac spect exam is vital for patients who are at risk for heart problems. Some medical facilities are not equipped to perform the exam or do not have enough staff members. There is a viable solution that is both affordable and expedient.

Here are four benefits of utilizing Cardiac Imaging for cardiac spect exams:

  1. Convenient
    There are two options to complete the cardiac spect exam – mobile or stationary. The mobile fleet is equipped with everything needed to complete the exam at your location. Patients will not need to travel and it is easier to obtain results.
  2. Avoid Training Staff Members
    Skip the hassle of training staff members. Cardiac Imaging employs medical staff that is professionally trained specifically to complete the exam.
  3. Best Equipment
    The mobile fleet has state-of-the-art equipment including a CardioGen-82 and a 3D PET system that produces high energy. There is also a cloud-based virtual reading station.
  4. Streamlined Process
    The process is very efficient with each visit lasting for an average of 45 minutes. Eliminate the need for PET patients to interact with your staff or other patients to minimize risk. Your comfortability is very important and the staff will work to adhere to your safety guidelines.

Combine convenience with the ability to screen patients’ internal organs by using mobile services or having patients visit the fixed site. Keep in mind that the only focus is cardiac PET imaging. With over two decades of experience in nuclear imaging, be confident in receiving an accurate analysis. Call today or visit Cardiac Imaging, Inc. for additional information.

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