Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Therapy

Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Therapy

Harvard Health recently published a new study that shows how erectile dysfunction patients get help through therapy. Much of the problem is attributed to testosterone levels in men. Studies show that men over the age of 30 begin losing testosterone at a higher rate, and that rate can increase after the age of 40. Harvard also found that 75% of men could suffer from ED due to vascular diseases. With Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Santa Ana Ca, you can also start a regimen that is customized to your health needs.

Do you think this might be the case for you?

ED therapy can help those suffering with this issue due to vascular diseases, neurological problems, diabetes, prostate treatments, and surgeries. There is a way to get help and start working towards a better sex life.

Harvard recommends that those who are suffering with ED and want a better sex life should begin a healthy exercise and diet regiment. Here are some other tips that have assisted men in overcoming ED.

Walk Every Day
Want to decrease your risk for ED? Exercise is key. However, you can start by walking every day. Studies from Harvard showed that 30 minutes of walking every day resulted in a 41% drop in risk for ED. Moderate exercise has also been shown to increase sexual performance in overweight men.

Test Your Testosterone Levels
Talking to your doctor about ED is a great way to learn whether your testosterone is low and if you need to increase testosterone through supplements or injections, depending on how low your levels have fallen.

Eat Healthier Meals
ED has been linked to bad diets that are filled with processed meats and refined grains. You can replace a couple of meals with fruit, vegetables, whole-grains, and fish to balance out your diet and start feeling healthier.

Kegel Exercises
Men need to strengthen their pelvic muscles in some cases as well. You can start doing twice-daily sets of kegels, which will strengthen your pelvic muscles and keep blooding flowing through your penis.

A natural ED treatment ensures that you’re not putting anything harmful in your body. Visit the Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Santa Ana Ca office or online at https://www.lasara.com to get a consultation.

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