Abdominoplasty Surgery: Basic Things to Know

Abdominoplasty Surgery: Basic Things to Know

Not everyone is a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Before you undergo abdominoplasty surgery in Chicago IL, here’s a handy list of essential things to know.

It’s not a weight loss treatment

If you want to lose extra weight, then this isn’t the right procedure for you. No worries, though. Consult an experienced and board-certified surgeon. Discuss options available to you. This will help you pick the right one.

Skip it if you’re planning a pregnancy

Pregnancy separates the vertical muscles of your stomach, and a tummy tuck tightens them. If you plan on having kids, then it’s better if you put this surgery off until you’re sure you’re done getting pregnant. Otherwise, future pregnancies will only compromise the results of the tummy tuck.

You need to be close to your ideal weight

An abdominoplasty surgery in Chicago IL is ideal for you if you have fat deposits or loose skin around your belly that no amount of exercise and diet can eliminate.

You should be in good health

If you have had several pregnancies already and you can’t seem to tighten your abdominal muscles anymore, then you can ask your doctor about this procedure. Be forewarned, though. You need to be healthy if you want to undergo the procedure.

You’ll want to pick the type of surgery

You can go for a complete, partial or mini abdominoplasty, says the WebMD. Discuss these options with your surgeon to know which procedure will best address the issue of excess skin or fat deposits around your belly.

Prepare in advance

Before you get home from the hospital or clinic after the procedure, make sure you prepare your home in advance. Get ice packs, comfortable clothing and petroleum jelly ready and accessible. Ask someone to drive you home since you won’t be in a condition to do it yourself.

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