Do Puppies Really Need Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ

Do Puppies Really Need Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ

There has been some debate in recent years over whether the Dog Shots given to puppies between six and 12 weeks of age are overrated. Many pet owners feel that the shots do more damage, than they do good for the dog, and of course there are other pet owners who feel that they are a total necessity for the health of their dog. Below you will find some reasons that you should get your dog vaccinated, just like the guidelines call for.

Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ help your dog to stay happy and healthy. The shots given protect against:

1. Parvo and distemper
2. Kennel cough and respiratory diseases
3. Rabies and heart worms

These are very bad diseases that can kill your puppy, if they are not caught in time. Whether you do the shots yourself, or take your puppy into the vet for their Dog Shots in Mesa, AZ area, you need to have them done to protect them from these diseases, and to protect your family and the public from rabies. Rabies is of course not as prevalent as it was years ago, but quite a few cases are still reported every year. You need to make sure that your pet is not one of them, by getting their shots.

Vaccines for your puppy works just like vaccines for humans. They are given a slightly altered, small, dose of the virus that they are trying to fight, to fight the virus. You dog will build up antibodies that will keep him from getting the diseases full-strength should he become exposed to one of them.

The biggest round of vaccines your pup will get is around six to eight weeks of age. This is a five or seven in one shot that protects against a variety of illnesses. There are some medications that you can get to protect your pet against tape worms, heart worms, other types of worms and fleas. These are usually meant to be given monthly, and you will need to make sure that you keep up with the schedule. Vaccines are a lot more important for your pet than you think, give them so that your pet can lead a happy and healthy life. find more information.

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