Understanding Pet Vaccinations And Annual Exams In Olathe KS

When faced with questions about pet vaccinations, Olathe KS pet owners turn to qualified vets and vet clinics for the most up-to-date advice and information. Pets are members of a family and most families don’t trust their beloved cat or dog to just anyone wielding a syringe. With many pet owners doing their own research online long before going to the vet there are sure to be many questions about what vaccinations should be given and how often and rightfully so.

Pet Vaccinations in Olathe KS – Dogs

There has been some debate over vaccinations for dogs. Olathe KS veterinarians with their patients’ best interests in mind stay current on best practices and vaccination information as it becomes available from immunologists, geneticists and research facilities specializing in canine veterinary medicine. Currently, it is recommended that dogs be vaccinated against rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, hepatitis, parvo, canine flu and in some cases kennel cough. Depending on the age of the animal and their general health veterinarians in Olathe KS determine when a dog needs to receive their vaccinations.

Pet Vaccinations – Cats

Olathe KS cat owners are very choosy when it come to veterinarians and veterinary advice. In order to guarantee that a chosen vet is the best choice for their needs all pet owners should check to see if their vet belongs to professional organizations and follows current veterinary practices including those regarding vaccinations. Currently, it is recommended that cat receive the following pet vaccinations in Olathe KS dependent on age and general health: distemper, feline leukemia, feline rhinotracheitis, rabies and calicivirus. While all the diseases cats are vaccinated against pose a real threat feline leukemia is perhaps one of the most deadly. Akin to human HIV/AIDS feline leukemia can run through a cat population spreading death quickly. All cats should be properly tested and vaccinated to ensure the happiest, longest life possible.

Pet Vaccinations in Olathe KS – The Importance Of Good Health

While pet vaccinations in Olathe KS will keep your pets healthy they can do a lot more. That is why it is recommended that all pets see a veterinarian at least once a year for a general exam and checkup. At that time the vet will test their blood and feces for worms and diseases, check vital signs and make sure there are no obvious problems. With pet obesity rising in numbers a yearly exam also enables vets to catch pet problems with weight before their health suffers for it.

All in all, veterinarians and their offices make sure that pets can live as long a life as possible and enjoy it while they do. Pet owners should be just as picky when choosing a vet as they would be a pediatrician for their child. By asking around for references and going with gut feelings a great vet can be found for everyone. Without proper care and pet vaccinations in Olathe KS pets will not continue to thrive and grow with their families. Click here to know more. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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