Veterinary Ultrasound Elevates Your Practice

Veterinary Ultrasound Elevates Your Practice

The modern veterinary practice isn’t complete without a veterinary ultrasound machine. While MRI and CT units are usually only found in large specialty practices, the fact is, ultrasound technology is becoming more common in everyday veterinary clinics. Many veterinarians use ultrasound machines every day for accurate diagnosis of many conditions.

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves transmitted through the body to create images. It’s a non-invasive diagnostic method with no harmful side effects. However, occasionally an anxious animal will need mild sedation so they will remain still during the process. In that way, a clear and accurate image can be captured.

A veterinary ultrasound machine can be used to detect a tumor or find something your pet ate it shouldn’t have, such as a rock. Ultrasound diagnosis is also very useful for diagnosing conditions such as bladder stones. An ultrasound can be very helpful to a veterinarian in locating tumors or foreign objects and deciding on a course of action.

Ultrasound is also a good way to check the heart and diagnose different types of heart disease. An echocardiogram, or an ultrasound of the heart, the blood flow can be evaluated. Likewise, the heart valves can be evaluated for proper functioning during each heartbeat.

Veterinary ultrasound equipment is an investment that can bring your veterinary practice to the next level. Veterinarians who offer ultrasound can deliver fa faster and more accurate diagnosis, as well as better clinical results.

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