Top Easter Hazards for Your Cat to Avoid

Top Easter Hazards for Your Cat to Avoid

Easter is right around the corner with its chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets. With the glories of Easter, however, come some very real hazards to your cat that many pet owners don’t know about. Knowing about these Easter dangers to your pet will ensure that you can avoid them and keep your cat safe and sound this Easter without having to make a trip to the veterinary hospital in Albany Park. Read on below for a few of the top Easter hazards to your cat you need to avoid.

Easter Lilies

Easter lilies may be gorgeous and smell great, but they are toxic to your cat. If he eats them, you will have to make an urgent trip to the veterinary hospital in Albany Park, and it is possible that the toxin could be fatal to your feline pal. All parts of the plant are considered to be toxic to cats, so make sure to keep your Easter lilies for away from your feline companion.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is another hazard for your cat. They are going to love to play with the grass, but if swallowed it can cause them problems. If swallowed, the grass can wrap around your cat’s intestines requiring surgery to remove. If left untreated, the grass can kill your cat.


Most pet owners know that chocolate is fatal for dogs, but did you know it can be fatal for your cat as well? Keep the chocolate away from both pets, and you will be fine.

These are just a few of the hazards that you will want to avoid this Easter concerning your cat. From chocolate to Easter lilies, either of them can land you at the vet’s emergency clinic on Easter day. For more information on Easter hazards for your cat, contact the professionals at Portage Park now.

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