Professional Substance Abuse Treatment Services Available, Look in Minneapolis

Professional Substance Abuse Treatment Services Available, Look in Minneapolis

Substance abuse is known as a chemical dependency on substances, including but not limited to, drugs and alcohol. It is also possible to become dependent on prescription and pharmaceutical substances. In any capacity, chemical dependency not only affects the individual as an addict, but also their families, relationships, jobs, and finances. Substance abuse treatment centers provide comprehensive services that promote techniques for self-regulation, trigger and relapse identification, emotional awareness and cognitive well-being.

Treatments for Substance Abuse

Dedicated substance abuse treatment services aim to teach skills that engender recovery in the long-term and avoid episodes of relapse. These services include programs like CHANGE, which focuses on relapse prevention and crucial skills, such as coping and refusing. CHANGE is aimed at adolescents who have recently completed treatment and recovery processes. Programs like this are designed to help teenagers feel confident and capable during the transition from treatment back into their everyday lives. They can last from anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks, and provide a sense of structure and accountability for teens in Minneapolis who may still be missing this aspect of a routine.

Parenting Skills

Other initiatives designed to improve the holistic well-being of those suffering from chemical or mental health issues, adolescents, in particular, include programs in support of parents. Parenting skills workshops and programs aim to help parents and guardians who are struggling with the challenging behaviors exhibited by adolescents and children under their care. Under the guidance of a professionally trained mental health practitioner, the program helps parents and adolescents alike improve their relationships with each other and other members of their home life. This includes learning how to establish boundaries, communicate effectively, and increase motivation and self-esteem. Workshops and programs like this differ from treatments like family therapy in that these are skills-based teaching groups, rather than functioning as a support group.

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