Best Ways to Treat a Slipped Disc

Best Ways to Treat a Slipped Disc

One of the most severe injuries one can suffer to the spine, short of actually breaking the spine itself, is a slipped disc. A slipped, or herniated, disc is when One of your many vertebral discs begins to jut out or has become displaced. While not always requiring intense medical help in order to realign the discs, some do, and you’ll know the difference between the two when it comes. The primary goal of treatment is to relieve the pain and any other symptoms that happen as a result of the slipped disc. Therefore, your treatment plan will vary depending on where the pain is centered, the severity thereof, and the symptoms. With that said, if you are seeking slipped disc treatment in Toronto, ON, here are the options that will mainly be considered for you.

#1. Physical therapy

Your spinal disc needs to be eased back into its original place, and that is going to take a lot of effort, and very painful effort at that. Therefore, physical therapy is called for in order to relieve the pressure on the nerve root tied to the slipped disc. This series of therapy sessions includes general exercises (within reason, of course) gentle stretching, even massages. The aim is not only to relieve pressure, but to gently coax the disc closer to its original place.

#2. Anti-inflammatory drugs

Non-steroidal, of course. These drugs will help to bring down the swelling that’s most likely keeping the disc from slipping back into place. These drugs include Ibuprofen, CIX-2 or naproxen, and other such pain inhibitors. These will help you feel more comfortable as your treatment progresses, so if you have a slipped disc, be sure to take your prescribed medication as often as the doctor tells you to.

#3. Ice and heat therapy

Nothing brings down inflammation and swelling quite like ice and heat therapy. This classic form of physical therapy, when applied to the trouble area, will inhibit, and even bring down swelling tremendously over a long period of time. Regular visits, combined with proper medications taken between visits, will gradually bring down the swelling, allowing proper treatment to take place.

Slipped discs can be a serious issue, or a major inconvenience, depending on where they happen along the spine, and how severely. Get in touch with Back in Balance Clinic for more information.

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