Options for Depression Treatment in Las Vegas

Options for Depression Treatment in Las Vegas

If you need depression treatment in Las Vegas, you may be interested in IV ketamine therapy. The thought of receiving IV therapy for your depression may be unsettling, but there is plenty of evidence that it can provide relief when many other treatments have failed.

What is Ketamine Treatment for Depression?

Doctors do not fully understand why ketamine can successfully treat depression. Because it works differently than traditional treatments for depression, it can be effective in cases where traditional medicine has failed. There are several theories about how ketamine works, and current wisdom is that it affects depression in several ways.

It is believed that ketamine treatment boosts certain receptors in the brain. This, in turn, affects cognition, mood, and thoughts. It may also reduce messages your brain sends to your body regarding inflammation. Inflammation has been linked to mood disorders.

Is Ketamine Treatment Safe?

If you are seeking depression treatment in Las Vegas, you don’t want to take risks with your health. While all drugs have possible side effects, the benefits of ketamine treatment may outweigh any potential drawbacks. You can discuss the potential side effects and benefits of ketamine therapy with the professionals at the infusion center.

When Will I See Results?

IV ketamine infusion works rapidly for individuals who receive benefits from the therapy. You may feel relief after the first treatment. Practitioners generally recommend three infusions before deciding whether the therapy will work for you. If you notice benefits from the IV treatments, continued infusions can improve symptoms still further.

If you believe you may benefit from ketamine treatment, contact IV Solution Centers. With their state-of-the-art facilities and experience, they can provide safe, private IV ketamine infusions. On-site medical staff, including anesthesiologists and registered nurses, ensure you have the best experience while undergoing treatment.

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