Naturopathy’s Centuries of Learning

Naturopathy’s Centuries of Learning

There are just as many ways to practice naturopathic medicine as there are healthy hints provided by nature’s rich offerings, partially due to the length of time that natural medicine has been practiced around the world.

History of Naturopathy

The World Naturopathic Federation documents the history of naturopathic medicine from European countries in the 16th century when many of the original naturopathic philosophies were claimed to have originated. Ongoing research is currently being performed by leading institutes to trace the mingling international origins and current practices of naturopathy.

The term “naturopathy” itself was coined in 1885 by German doctor John Scheel, and traditional naturopathic medicine continues to be employed by dedicated practitioners around the world.

North America’s Naturopathic Resurgence

In particular, a national resurgence of interest in naturopathy occurred in North America in the 1970s, which has led to the more unified and mature embrace of naturopathy seen across the United States and Canada today. Now, there are seven accredited naturopathic programs spread across eight campuses on the North American content, following the opening of the first naturopathic educational facility in New York City in 1900, named the American School of Naturopathy.

Reliable and Comprehensive Education

With hundreds of years of documented practice, techniques and knowledge have compounded to an overwhelming degree. Now more than ever, it’s important for practitioners of naturopathic medicine to have access to the most well-researched, accurate, and up-to-date information. Luckily, a number of natural medicine certificate programs exist, such as the ones offered at the Primitius Institute for Natural Medicine, for naturopathic practitioners to pursue particular areas of interest and maximize their knowledge.

With the advent of online and self-study courses which award a natural medicine certificate for completion, naturopathic counselors and doctors can take charge of their continuing education and dedication to providing their clients with the most recent, beneficial information available.

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