Is Medicinal Cannabis Really Legal In Illinois?

It might often seem that society at large is often in dispute over national laws that impinge directly on the daily lives of citizens. It might be the right to bear arms; freedom of speech; or, the right to gamble, smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, take recreational drugs, etc, etc. With such debates; much of the argument boils down to individual opinions and how effective those opinions have been in swaying the legislators in their favor.

Remedial Cannabis

It’s a natural plant product that has been known by humans since 3rd millennium BC and it is estimated that over 230 million people use it today. In 2015, in the USA; nearly 50% of the adult population admitted to having tried it. It is known by many different names and different parts of the plant are used in different ways.

However, the prime uses are, either; as a psychoactive drug (i.e. a chemical substance that can change brain function); or, for medicinal purposes. Its main active chemical is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); but, there are nearly 500 other known compounds – at least 84 of which can have effects on humans.

These can be mental or physical effects, such as mood heightening and relaxation. An increase in appetite may also be experienced following consumption. These effects can occur within minutes when it is smoked; or, after around 30 minutes when it has been ingested. Usually the effects start to wear off in anything between two to six hours.

Therapeutic Cannabis And The Law

Throughout its history; these substances have received mixed reviews from legislators; but, mostly unfavorable (despite its apparent popularity with many in the population). Since the early 1900’s; all types have been banned to some degree or another in nearly every country where there is an active Government. Some countries have gradually reduced the severity of their anti-cannabis laws while others have (so far) remained strict.

Our own Controlled Substances Act of 1970 has it as a Class 1 substance which means it is totally banned and illegal from plant growth to human consumption. Moreover; this is a Federal law which, in theory, trumps any counteracting law that a State may enact.

Those In Favor Of Change VS The Diehards.

Like many other States; Illinois has enacted its own legislation to legalize medicinal cannabis for therapeutic use – their Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act came into effect on January 1ST 2014. Under this program; it is now possible – under Illinois State Law – for certain people to legally use it (so long as it is solely for medical reasons). Federal law enforcement do not necessarily recognize this!

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