Ameda Breast Pumps for FREE?

Ameda breast pumps can be free! Before you buy your next breast pump you should know that you may be able to have a great breast pump free of charge. No out of pocket expense to you is possible if you are shopping at the right store and you have health insurance.  Most moms are not aware that breast pumps are considered a medical necessity and that their doctor can write them a prescription for a brand new breast pump!

What Does Ameda Offer?
The Purely Yours Basic Breast Pump system offers a wide range of the most wanted features. It is:
*Light weight
*Has a closed system design
*2 power sources (a third is available but you have to purchase separately)
*You can purchase a car adapter separately
*Has 8 suction levels and 4 cycle speeds
*Other great features

This is not a low grade breast pump. It is a nice machine that can go anywhere. It is lightweight and highly controllable.  The different suction levels and cycle speed give you the opportunity to really customize the expression.  You can easily mimic baby’s natural behavior with the control options. The closed system design means that you do not have to wash the tubing after each use because the milk does not escape into the tubing.   It is a well-made pump that is durable. You can purchase a car adapter separately so that you can pump no matter where you are. It is a nice system for any mom that wants to ensure that her baby always has an ample supply of milk on hand.  This breast pump offers all the features that most nursing moms look for.

Insurance Coverage
Being able to save the money on buying a breast pump is a great way to free up some cash. You can fill out a form and submit it to see if your insurance will cover the cost. Before you buy a pump use an online shop that will be able to submit your insurance paperwork for you and get your pump delivered to your front door. It is an easy solution that is cost and time savings.  Don’t run out to the drug store for your pump and have to pay out of pocket, it is okay to take the easy way out and get a great pump for free!

Don’t pay for Ameda breast pumps. Instead, shop the Breastfeeding Shop today and see if your insurance will cover the cost. The Breastfeeding Shop will file all the necessary paperwork for you!

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