How You Can Help Wicker Park Vets

How You Can Help Wicker Park Vets

While most people think about what Wicker Park vets can do for them, it’s important to realize that you can help them do their job more efficiently. Veterinarians are there to keep your pets safe and comfortable, but it’s up to you to bring the pet into the office and care for them at home, as well. Likewise, there are many other ways to help your vet take care of your pet.

Regular Visits

Regular checkups can help to ensure that your pet is healthy or determine when a problem may arise. Don’t wait until your pet is sick to visit Wicker Park Vets. Instead, make and keep appointments for deworming, vaccinations, and more.

What’s Normal?

It’s important to determine what is normal for your pet, which helps to determine when an illness or disease is starting to take hold. Just as you feel off and may be snappish when you’re getting a cold, your pet may show signs that something’s not quite right.

Be On Time

You should always schedule an appointment for the next visit at the time of the current visit. Request a card or reminder from the office, so you don’t forget. Likewise, you should arrive on time to your appointment or call ahead and let them know you’ll be late. It’s common courtesy, and they can push your time back and see another furry friend, so they don’t get backed up.

Emergency vs. Non-emergency And What To Do

Wicker Park vets would prefer that you didn’t disturb them after hours for something that’s not a real emergency. Likewise, you can call first to ensure that they are available or have another hospital where you can go for treatment.

Wicker Park vets are there to care for your pets, but you can help to ensure that your cat or dog is as healthy as possible. Visit Village West Veterinary to learn more now.

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