How Dentists Treat Chipped Teeth

How Dentists Treat Chipped Teeth

Despite the best oral hygiene practices you may not be able to completely protect your teeth from breaking or chipping. You may suffer a mouth injury that may cause a part of a teeth to chip off. Or you may be trying to crack a crab shell with your teeth at the dinner table because you can’t find your nutcracker or crab mallet. That may give you a chipped or broken tooth. Depending on how bad the damage is, you may need a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.

Your dentist will first take an X-Ray of your teeth. He will ask you how the damage occurred. You may or may not be experiencing pain. Damage to the root of the tooth may or may not have occurred. Depending on these factors the dentist will do one of the following things.

If the chip-off is only a tony part of your tooth, the dentist may simply file your tooth into an even shape. To make the tooth enamel smoother, he may use porcelain veneers that bond with the tooth and make it appear natural again.

If the chipping is more serious and you are experiencing when you eat or drink, your damaged tooth may need a crown. A crown is usually made of porcelain or silver alloys or even gold, and is used to cap the tooth. A badly chipped tooth may even need to be filled sometimes. The dentist will then use the same material that he used for fillings to repair the tooth. All the various materials used to veneer and fill the tooth is usually chosen to match the shade of the tooth.

If the tooth is broken in a way that cannot treated by the above methods, it may need more serious repairs. The broken tooth may even need to be extracted. This is usually done if the root has been damaged during the impact. The broken tooth will need to be removed and replaced. If a filling or a crown becomes chipped, then that should be seen to as soon as possible and the damage should be repaired.

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