Five Great Drug Treatment Ideas That You Can Share with Your Friends

Five Great Drug Treatment Ideas That You Can Share with Your Friends

Here are some ideas for drug and alcohol treatment which many find appealing:

1. Announce to your family/friends/peer group, that you have decided to give up drugs and/or alcohol. Often, making an out loud announcement can seem to cement one’s motivations and desires. So, do not be afraid to share your intentions with others.

2. Tell yourself, that before you are going to take any drug, or drink alcohol; you are going to first wait ten minutes. No one can say they can’t wait ten minutes. Then, when the ten minutes is over, you may have a reduced desire to take the drug. This technique works quite well for quitting tobacco. If you can, then wait another ten minutes, and so on.

3. Calculate with your friends, all the money you could save from not spending money on drugs and alcohol. Then, maybe you and your family or friends can take a nice trip together. This can be especially helpful for quitting smoking cigarettes. At around five dollars a pack and at about one pack per day; one could save over $1500 per year, while not buying cigarettes. That is a huge amount of money.

4. Challenge your peer group to come up with a fun activity everyone can do together, which does not include consuming any alcohol and not taking any drugs. It can be an Intoxication Free Zone.
5. Get together with your loved ones and volunteer for the homeless shelter. You will be helping other less fortunate than you, while you can see first hand what long-term drug use can do to an individual.

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