Dentures: Types And Features

If you have missing teeth, the best way to replace it is by using dentures. Consult your dental professional regarding your oral health. He will be able to suggest you whether you need them and what are the requirements you must consider. The best dental care service providers will make the perfect set of artificial teeth for you. Making false teeth requires certain systematic techniques. These experts are aware of all such methods, and ensure to provide you with a pair of most comfortable dentures.

These can be of different types depending on the requirement of the patient. It will depend on the type of replacement required for the missing teeth. This can vary from person to person. However, the types of false teeth can be broadly classified as below:

* Complete dentures: these are used for individuals who have few or no teeth at all. If you have lost all your teeth, you will be required to use a set of complete dentures. Thus, you will have false teeth on your upper as well as lower jaw. These are also called immediate or conventional teeth. This is because, when you opt for these false teeth, your remaining teeth (if any) will be removed by your dental surgeon, and the false teeth will be immediately inserted into your mouth. Your false teeth will be made by professionals beforehand. They will take all the necessary measurements during your prior visit to them. Thus, after removing your teeth, you will have a new set of artificial teeth to support your mouth.

After removal of your teeth, it has been found that sometimes the gums tend to shrink during the healing process. This may lead to some discomfort with your false teeth after some time. However, you need not worry, as your service provider has experts who are aware of such facts. They will help in making the readjustments required after the healing period of 6 to 8 weeks.

* Partial dentures: You may not always require a full set of false teeth replacing all your real ones. A single broken tooth or only a few missing teeth can also be replaced using this type. These will bridge the gaps and offer proper support to your facial muscles.

* Overdenture: These are removable artificial teeth. These are fitted over your original teeth or implants. Thus, before this type is used, the natural teeth must be treated and prepared for providing support to the artificial ones.

Thus, all such types, with other adjustments required specifically for you can be availed from well known service providers. They will efficiently cater to all your requirements for the denture in Kingston PA has some such well known dental care service providers.

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