Combating the Myths about Root Canal in Wildwood

Combating the Myths about Root Canal in Wildwood

Many people often are frightened about Root Canal in Wildwood . Most of these fears and concerns are based on myths and legends told from people they know who have experienced root canal treatments in the past or simply from people looking to have fun with their friends. Either way, these urban legends can cause patients to be afraid of potential root canal procedures and need to be answered truthfully to provide some peace of mind.

Here are some of the top three myths about Root Canal in Wildwood and the truth about this common oral surgery procedure.

Root Canal In Wildwood Is Painful?

While the process of performing a root canal in the past might have been painful for many people, the truth is root canals are specifically designed to remove pain from patients, not cause more pain. This myth took flight decades ago when medical technology and anesthesia was not commonly used during the procedures. In recent survey’s at dental offices across the country, many patients confirmed that root canal treatments were described as ‘painless’; and those were people who just had the procedure completed.

The reason for a root canal is to remove pain and discomfort associated with damaged tissues attached to the teeth. When a person first visits a dentist with this issue, it is due to pain and discomfort they are experiencing. The root canal treatment simply removes this pain; it does not cause more pain and suffering. And with the advanced anesthesia used during this process and medication taken during the recovery process, pain is no longer a considerable factor with root canal treatment.

Root Canal In Wildwood Will Make Me Sick?

Another myth associated with Root Canal treatment is that the procedure will cause people to get sick or cause additional illness to show up. The fact is that people with root canal fillings are no more likely to get sicker or develop illness than people without them. This has been confirmed through decades of studies and research by many medical scientists.

Originally this myth was based on the outdated research of Dr. Weston Price who theorized that bacteria trapped under a root canal filling entered the bloodstream and caused illness. The problem with this theory is that it simply has never been confirmed. As a matter of fact, it has been recently stated and proposed that the link between root canal and illness was more attributed to improper sanitation methods back in the early 1900’s when this theory was proposed. The truth is that root canal does not increase your likelihood of gaining any infections or illness than other people who do not have the procedure.

A Great Alternative to Root Canal in Emporia is Removal of the Tooth?

One of the best myths in recent years is that the best way to treat issues requiring root canals is to remove the tooth instead. Could this really be true? If this is true, then we must assume that amputation of a limb is appropriate when you suffer a scrape or get a paper cut as well. This theory and myth simply is flat out ridiculous. In fact, it’s always best to keep your natural teeth as long as possible for many reasons.

First, as great as technology has become, there is no replacement for the strength and advantages of natural teeth. When you have an artificial tooth ‘installed’ often you are restricted from eating certain foods. Second, an Endodontic Treatment is much more affordable than tooth extraction and placement of an implant or bridge. Finally, if you have an implant or bridge applied, this will require more trips to the dentist to maintain these parts and most often require additional dental work.

When you are in need of a root canal in Wildwood MO your dentist is more than confident they can repair your natural teeth and always has your best interest in mind. Don’t believe the myths; root canal is a safe and painless procedure which many people in Emporia have done daily.

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