Boost Your Confidence with a Facelift

Boost Your Confidence with a Facelift

When you meet someone, your face is the first part of you they notice. Over the years, you’ve grown into a strong, vibrant person, but the visible signs of aging on your face are distracting from that. You want new people to notice your personality instead of the signs of aging on your face and neck. With a facelift, you can restore your confidence and take control of the impression you make.


A facelift in Chicago or any other city diminishes the appearance of signs of aging on the face and neck. The surgery addresses signs of aging such as deep folds, loose skin, and sagging fat on the face or neck. It’s intended to restore your face. So, while it can’t stop aging, it can make you look younger.


Since a facelift is a surgical procedure, doctors put you under anesthesia for your comfort. Depending on the details of your facelift, various incisions are made around the hairline and behind the ear lobes. For the neck, the doctor may make an incision around the back of the hairline as well. The doctor manipulates the fat, removes excess skin, and re-drapes the skin. Finally, the doctor seals the incisions with stitches or glue.


Within a few weeks of the procedure, bruising and swelling subside and you can see the results of the facelift. It may take a few months for the face to feel normal again. The results of the surgery diminish visible signs of aging and leave the face looking tighter and younger.

As you age, your personality becomes more refined and you grow into a wise, strong person. Your wit, intelligence, and humor grow with you, but visible signs of aging may cloud that personality. With a facelift, you can look younger and allow your vibrant self to shine through.

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