All About Teeth – Pediatric Dentist In Broken Arrow, OK

All About Teeth – Pediatric Dentist In Broken Arrow, OK

Children’s dental care with a pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow, OK is an integral part of maintaining oral hygiene. The first few years of our lives are the formative years when our body’s growth is fastest. Tooth decay, cavities, oral health problems are all chronic problems that effect children. It is important to cultivate healthy habits and regular dental checkups. Let us look at what pediatric dentistry is and what role pediatric dentists play in our children’s lives.

Understanding pediatric dentistry with a pediatric dentist, Broken Arrow, OK

Pediatric dentistry in Broken Arrow, OK provides specialized care to children’s teeth as they get older and their baby teeth falls-off. Tooth decay, cavities and dental diseases are much more common in kids than any other infections.

Pediatric Dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry and requires two to three years of post doctoral training after the basic dental training. Our team is certified and trained on the safe use of laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to help your child feel comfortable while in the pediatric dental chair.

Dental Care with a Pediatric Dentist in Broken Arrow, OK

Your pediatric dentist’s services can be categorized in two broad categories – formative years and adolescence.

In formative years it is more important to maintain the baby teeth, track their development and maintain the space for permanent teeth. A Pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow, OK teaches children the importance and the ways to clean their teeth. With adolescence, the focus moves on to maintaining the appearance and self-image needs of the growing child.

Typically, oral care includes the following:

* Routine exam involving a check-up of oral hygiene and health

* Cleaning of the teeth, fluoride treatments, and education to kids about right way of cleaning

* Discussion with parents on inculcating healthy habits and diet guidance for their kids

* Treatment of cavities, tooth decay or other problems

​* Recommendation for orthodontic requirements for correcting improper bite and straightening teeth

* Preventing tooth decay is one of main focus areas of pediatric dentistry.

Apart from routine exams, your pediatric dentist will also treat dental injuries, gum diseases and periodontal issues.

Find your pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow, OK

Treatment and care of children is more challenging than that of the adults. You need more patience and understanding with little kids. You don’t want your kids to move from one dentist to another for special treatments if required. Follow these simple guidelines to find the pediatric dentist that will work for you:

* Ask your pediatrician for a recommendation

* Get referrals and feedback from families and friends

* A large practice with many dentists would mean faster service but your child might not see the same dentist on every visit.

* A small practice with few dentists will mean personalized attention.

* Services provided should be able to cover routine exams and specialized treatments.

Visit Kid’s Dental office to see what friendly and comprehensive dental care can do to help your child have a healthy smile for life.

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