Procedures Performed by Your Local Cosmetic Dentist in Louisville, KY

Cosmetic dentistry not only ensures that you can improve your smile aesthetically, but it will also help mend any oral health issues you might have. Remember that, for a healthy mouth you must have a smile that is aesthetically correct, as well as hygienically. A Cosmetic Dentist in Louisville, KY can help patients achieve the smile they always wanted, either through simple procedures or through the help of preventative maintenance. Here are some of use:the procedures cosmetic dentist in in Louisville, KY

Porcelain crowns

Dental crowns are the best way to cover a damaged tooth. In fact, they can be placed on a tooth that has been lost (after placing a dental implant in its place). This is done, not only for dental aesthetics, but also for overall oral care. There are two types of crowns that are mainly used:

1. Metal on porcelain

2. Zirconia crowns


Veneers are one of the most popular solutions for small dental problems. These problems usually repair the aesthetic issues, but they are designed to help with maintaining hygiene as well. It is important to talk with your dentist to discuss if veneers will be a good fit for you. Here are a few reasons veneers would be used:

1. Inappropriate size of a tooth, usually when a tooth or a row of teeth is too small and the patient wants their smile to stand out more. Veneers are the first solution to your problem.

2. Dented, chipped or any other imperfections caused by possible trauma.

3. Tooth formation issues, especially when a single tooth is misplaced. The use of orthodontics can be excessive, so using a veneer to match the rest of the teeth is recommended in most cases.

4. Problems with tooth color can be a problem with tetracycline stains. In this case, dental veneers are the solution, principally when in combination with tooth whitening.

Teeth whitening

One of the procedures that a Cosmetic Dentist in Louisville, KY has to consider is whitening treatments. These are custom made for each patient in order to achieve the natural whiteness of the teeth. Natural and chemical processes like coffee, tea, tobacco, etc. can cause staining. However these three techniques can repair it:

1. Laser
2. Performed in the clinic.
3. Splints
4. : Are provided by splints and a bleaching gel.
5. Combined
6. A combination of both.

For more information about the above mentioned procedures, or other dental measures, contact Cosmetic Dentist Dr. David L. Shorten today.

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