Get the Emergency Medicine Coding Management Your Practice Deserves

Get the Emergency Medicine Coding Management Your Practice Deserves


There are a number of ways that emergency medical practices can benefit from receiving accurate emergency medicine coding management. These management solutions free up more time for staff which allows them to focus on more important patient issues. Other ways that these services can benefit your practice include:

1. Facilitation of precise reimbursement

2. Confirmation that the particular treatment provided was essential

3. Validation for insurance reviews

4. Reduction in claim denials

5. Compliance with HIPAA guidelines

6. Increase in revenue and patient satisfaction

Expert Billing Management Solutions Guaranteed

At DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions we have established ourselves as industry leaders in revolutionizing the management of emergency medicine coding, billing, and account software. We believe that collecting money is in the details and we take care of managing those details so that your staff can focus on providing the best customer care while receiving maximum revenue. We will tenaciously pursue every dollar that your providers are entitled to receive and we offer you seasoned expertise that covers every area of the details involved in your practice. In addition to everything that a typical medical billing company might offer you, we provide a number of value added service which include:

1. Continuous emergency medicine coding reviews

2. Analysis of important documentation

3. Analysis of all payer distribution

4. Contract reviews for your budget and facility

5. Fee schedules

6. Staff model analysis

When you appoint our experts in emergency medicine coding and practice management, positive results are guaranteed.

A Company You Can Rely On

DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions is more than just a medical billing company. We are owned and operated by emergency physicians, which means that we understand the importance in maintaining high quality customer care. We
know all the time consuming nuances involved in managing emergency medicine coding as well as the importance of keeping up with those nuances accurately and in a timely manner.

We appoint a team especially dedicated to the daily management of your account so that no detail or dollar is missed. We are experienced in many different emergency medical records and our post-billing activity department is always there to help resolve any delays or issues with claims. We will never outsource our staff or processes which eliminates you and your patients’ liability. We very strictly adhere to all compliance issues and deadlines.

We offer credentialing services for groups and physicians to help your practice be the best it can be. We provide you with comprehensive reviews of all payer contracts and customized reports that are accessible on the web.

At DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions we want to ease your burden of the complications that arise with emergency medicine coding and free up your time so that your patients receive the best level of care that your practice can provide.

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