Why In-Home Care Service in Beverly Hills, CA is the Best Option

Why In-Home Care Service in Beverly Hills, CA is the Best Option

Before becoming widely accepted by the general public, In-Home Care Service has had to put to rest its share of ill-conceived notions and myths to gain its current status. But, one erroneous impression families of patients continue to struggle with is the notion that deciding on hospice care means the individual is giving up.

But, as numerous healthcare practitioners and in-home care workers have repeatedly stated, persons who receive hospice care can decide to leave at any time if the symptoms of their illnesses improve or they decide on pursuing a new round of curative treatment. In-Home care has never been about “giving up.” It is more about the patient regaining control of his or her life at a time when control seems to be slipping away.

In fact, reports have shown persons who agree to undergo in-home care usually end up having extended lifespans. Research carried out by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization discovered that terminally ill patients who chose to receive in-home care usually lived at least one month longer than patients who did not. This is owing to the palliation of the symptoms in addition to more effective management of their pain.

An individual’s in-home care team will usually come up with a detailed care plan that will assist in controlling the pain and alleviation of symptoms. The team also does the following.

• Assists both the patient together with family members to come to terms with the spiritual and emotional effects of their loved one’s passing.

• Furnish the patient’s home with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies.

• Instruct the family members on how to care for the patient.

• Arrange for quick-response care 24/7 in the event the patient’s symptoms or pain flare up.

• Offer bereavement care to the individual’s surviving friends and family.

Usually, in-home care is delivered in the patient’s own home, though they can choose to receive hospice care in nursing homes, hospice centers, and even hospitals. In-Home Care Service in Beverly Hills CA is now covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and the majority of health insurance plans. Browse our website for more information on In-Home Care Service in Beverly Hills CA.

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