When you Have Colitis and Need Treatment and You Live in Jacksonville, Florida

When you Have Colitis and Need Treatment and You Live in Jacksonville, Florida

Colitis is a challenging illness to endure. When experiencing symptoms of the disease, it’s not only the digestive system that goes awry; the entire body reacts. Colitis affects the bowel, causing inflammation in the colon. The complete cause of colitis is still unknown, and why some people in their 30s are diagnosed while others may not be diagnosed until years later remains uncertain.

Colitis is typically diagnosed through an invasive test called a colonoscopy, along with the symptoms a patient presents. It is often believed that the disease is related to an irregular immune response in that part of the body. Ongoing inflammation in the colon can lead to damage.

The number and severity of symptoms vary among patients, ranging from rectal bleeding to abdominal pain, bowel urgency, diarrhea, and extreme fatigue.

Colitis cannot be cured, at least not today. The best hope for a patient is treatment for colitis in Jacksonville to manage the symptoms and achieve remission without the use of steroids, which are not recommended for long-term use in colitis patients.

Patients should discuss their goals for managing the disease with their gastroenterologist to create treatment options and, hopefully, achieve remission for colitis. Open communication with a specialist is the best approach for colitis patients.

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