What to Know About Getting a Neck Firming Treatment in Naples, FL

What to Know About Getting a Neck Firming Treatment in Naples, FL

The skin on your neck is sensitive and can sag over time. It’s natural and is bound to happen with time, but if it’s diminishing your self-confidence, luckily, there’s something you can do about it. Tightening this area of the body can have a significant effect and shave years off of your appearance. If you wish to get rid of that unfortunately coined ‘turkey’ neck, visit Junee F. Gardy DDS, PA know about treatment.

Treatment Comes in Many Forms

There are many creams and cosmetic procedures out there that target loose and excess skin around the neck. Some people even swear by specialty neck exercises to keep this area of the body firm.

You Can and Should Conduct Preventative Care at Home

While you can always see a specialist about treating loose skin, combine their treatments with at-home care for the best results. These measures include wearing a sunscreen high in SPF while underneath the sun. The UV rays have been known to cause premature aging and worsen acne scarring. At night, make sure to follow your skincare routine with a moisturizer containing a high level of hyaluronic acid, which is an active anti-aging ingredient.

See a Professional for Best Results

For a more dramatic difference in your skin, visit an aesthetics center that specializes in this neck firming treatment in Naples, FL. You can learn more about their wide range of dental and beauty services from veneers to dermal fillers on their website.

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