What to Expect as a New Chiropractic Patient

What to Expect as a New Chiropractic Patient

It can be absolutely unsettling when you decide it is time to find a new chiropractor. You are entering a new environment, and chances are you may not have ever seen a chiropractor before either. There are a few things you need to be prepared for such as filling out paperwork, being able to navigate around the office, and learning new names and faces of the people you will see more often. When you choose a caring and friendly wellness center for chiropractic care in Castle Rock, CO, you will be pleasantly surprised by the welcome you receive. The process does not have to be nerve-racking or stressful. You can put your mind to rest when the chiropractic office you visit takes the time to remove any undue stress.

Plan Ahead and Learn What to Expect
Chiropractic care in Castle Rock, CO should begin with a visit to a chiropractor’s website. Wellness centers that are trying to alleviate stress provide many different new patient facets on their site. This includes being able to take care of necessary tasks before you ever visit their office from the comfort of your home.

What Is the Actual Chiropractic Care Like?
At Parker Integrative Health you can expect your first visit to include the explanation of chiropractic care as it happens in three phases; relief care, corrective and restorative care, and wellness care. During these phases, which are treated in order, you will experience a sense of wellness that increases with every visit. They handle your care by first relieving the pain you are currently in with relief care. This may take a few visits, up to two to three times a week from four to twelve weeks. When you are in the corrective and restorative care phase your tissues and muscles are given time to heal so any further injuries can be prevented. It is likely you will need care four to eight times a month for six to twenty-four months. All of this depends on the severity of your problem and your overall health.

Wellness Care Comes after You Have Healed
Once you have healed, then your chiropractor will come up with a wellness plan so you can come in for periodic adjustments as needed. A quick, simple visit once or twice a month is all that may be needed based on your current goals and lifestyle. You may want to increase your visits depending on how well you feel.

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