What To Expect After Eye Surgery In Wichita KS

What To Expect After Eye Surgery In Wichita KS

Many people are curious about what to expect after a Lasik Eye Surgery in Wichita KS. It is now a very common procedure that is allowing patients to say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses. It is a great solution that can help patients feel more confident, save money and experience improved vision. It is important to consult with an experienced optometrist to ask questions and learn more about what to expect from this procedure. The following information will help those who want to know what to expect after the procedure is complete.

Possible burning and itching

After the surgery, patients often report that they feel itching and burning in the eyes. It is uncomfortable and vision may be a bit blurry. It is also common to feel some pain after the surgery and medication can help patients to feel more comfortable. The eyes may water quite a bit and it is important to avoid rubbing or touching the area around the eyes. Some patients notice that their eyes look red or bloodshot and they may notice a sensitivity to light. These symptoms will improve quite a bit a few days after the procedure. It is very helpful to take a few days off from work until the all of the symptoms stop.

Schedule follow up appointments

It is important to schedule follow up appointments over the next few months. Be prepared to schedule the first visit within the next few days. The eye doctor will want to do vision tests and a complete eye exam. Eye drops may be given to the patient to help with the healing process and to avoid infection. Patients should follow instructions from the doctor that may include avoiding sports activities until the eyes heal. Do not wear contacts after the procedure even if the vision is still a bit blurry.

It can take up to six months before noticing an improvement in vision and overall results from Lasik Eye Surgery in Wichita KS. Consult with an eye doctor if any new symptoms develop or if any existing symptoms get worse. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Lasik eye surgery.

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