What to Avoid When On a Weight Loss Journey

What to Avoid When On a Weight Loss Journey

It’s not easy to pursue weight loss in San Fernando, given that it is such a lively place with so many restaurants offering amazing food. But as they say, you have to make compromises in order to gain something, so here are foods that you should try avoiding if you are dieting.

Types of Foods You Should Avoid Eating

Fried Foods
There is fried food everywhere from fried chicken to fries to doughnuts. These, of course, hinder your process of losing weight as they have high calorie content. Instead, opt for steamed, baked, or grilled options or opt for salads and wraps and sandwiches made from whole-wheat bread.

Extra Toppings
A lot of the dips and toppings that we eat have ingredients like mayonnaise, cream, cheese, and butter. Try to avoid them as they hinder the whole weight loss journey. If it is hard for you avoid them then take them in a very small mount.

Huge Servings
It may be very tempting to upsize the food especially if it costs less but it has an adverse affect on your health. A lot of times, we order upsized foods and then make an effort to finish it even when we are full. The only way to avoid this problem is to say no to the waiter when they ask you if you want to upsize your food. Remember that they are trained to ask you this, but for you your health should come first.

Sugary Drinks and Alcohol
Sugary drinks and alcohol are things that you should completely avoid when trying to lose weight. If you really must have something to drink then go a dry wine or low carb beer. Remember cold drinks are equally bad for you as they have a lot of added sugar. Diet drinks may seem like a good option but they are not good for your body and should be avoided. Train yourself to drink filtered water with your meal whether eating at home or dining out.

Frozen Meals
In order to make sure that a food doesn’t go bad soon, manufacturers load it with the sodium. The problem with sodium is that it retains food that leaves you bloated and makes it hard to lose weight.

“Low-Fat” Foods
It has been seen that people consume more if they know that a product is low fat. This results in overeating. One of the lesser known facts is that when the manufacturers remove fat from the food, it takes away the flavor, so in order to compensate for that, they add sugar which makes the low fat foods unhealthy.

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