What Should Potential Residents Know About Memory Care Near Fairfax, VA

What Should Potential Residents Know About Memory Care Near Fairfax, VA

Memory Care Near Fairfax, VA

Are you looking for assistance with memory care near Fairfax, VA? Their memory specialists have given a breath of life to hundreds of clients. The entire community has been designed to mentally stimulate the residents. However, they also remembered to keep it feeling like a neighborhood, so it is familiar.

Here are a few of the memory-related amenities that residents can expect:

  • Color-Coded Cueing
  • Waving Neighborhoods
  • Personalized Memory Boxes
  • Interactive Artwork
  • Private Beauty Salon
  • Dual-Themed Courtyard

Insightful & Individualized Care

Each member of the staff has been trained in the Heartfelt CONNECTIONS Program. It is a comprehensive program that focuses on treating memory patients. Nevertheless, running this on the patients gives them a good baseline. Staff members can monitor the patient as they progress and reward them accordingly.

Here are the benefits of participating in Heartfelt CONNECTIONS:

  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Improved Self-Worth
  • Heightened Self-Esteem
  • Better Overall Health
  • Reduced Fear & Anxiety
  • Limited Frustration

Patients can meander about in the lounge, which is filled with natural light. The Reminiscence lounge is a space for sharing memories of days gone by. Then, when you are ready to rejoin the living, there is a sensory lounge. Residents can participate in sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch here.

A multi-themed outdoor courtyard is a place for gathering. This real-world exhibit resembles a 1960s backyard, so you can go “across the street” to “enjoy a day in the park.” Once you have had your fill of the sunlight, you can return home safely, knowing tomorrow awaits.

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