What Is Alzheimer’s Nursing Care?

What Is Alzheimer’s Nursing Care?

When your elderly family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can be a scary and overwhelming time for all involved. Knowing how to deal with this complex and devastating disease can empower you with the resources needed to give them the care they deserve. As a part of specialized senior care services, Watercrest Senior Living offers Alzheimer’s nursing care in Winter Park, FL to best help your loved one. Our facilities are equipped with memory care experts who can fine-tune a care package to best assist the resident in need.

What exactly does Alzheimer’s nursing care entail? How does it guarantee that the needs of your loved one are met? Here are some of the memory care services we offer so you can familiarize yourself with this important process.

Services That Engage All Senses
Evoking memories is one of the most powerful tools to helping someone along in their memory care. Residents with Alzheimer’s are suffering from complicated and deep emotions that, when not properly expressed, can result in some serious mental damage. In order to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and help these individuals’ brains remain as healthy as possible, we invest in memory programs to help them remember the beautiful and full life they lived.

Certain smells, sights, sounds, and flavors can bring multi-sensory enjoyment that stimulates their cognitive abilities and can even jog memories. Something as simple as the smell of a baked pie can evoke strong feelings that provide a deep comfort within the individual.

Art and Music Therapy
Another great way to stimulate the senses and help senior citizens reflect on the life they lived is through music and art. Not only do our painting and music-making classes evoke memories, but they also serve to greatly improve self-esteem, confidence, and attention span. Fine-tuning the brain’s focus and providing opportunities to activate neurons is a great way to ensure that your loved ones are making improvements within their memory care.

24-Hour Nursing Assistance and Professional Care
Above all, it’s important for you to know that your loved one’s care is in the right hands. All of our staff members are certified nurses and specialists in memory care who will be there for your resident 24 hours a day. We will help with all safety, medical, food, and other daily needs.

Get in touch with our specialists for Alzheimer’s nursing care in Winter Park, FL today to speak about your next opportunity. Reach out to us at (772) 539-4560 to speak to a friendly representative!

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