What Is ABA and How Can It Be Used To Help Children With Autism?

What Is ABA and How Can It Be Used To Help Children With Autism?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, and it can help children with autism who are between three and eighteen years old. The goal is to teach the child useful skills while reducing undesirable behaviors.

There are three treatment models for helping children with autism: Intensive Model, Parent-Directed Model, and Workshop Model.

The Intensive Model is for children who need the most help. Every month, an ABA therapist will work with the child for ten to forty hours. The child will also see a BCBA (Board-Certified Behavior Analyst) five to six hours every week, and they will see a program director for five to six hours every month.

In the Parent-Directed Model, parents will work with the therapists. A BCBA will work with the child for three hours every week, and a program director will supervise the child for three hours every month.

The Workshop Model’s treatment can be held at home or at the facility. It involves one six-hour session every month.

A BCBA will work with the family during the initial consultations to determine which treatment model will work best. Their assessment will include many observations in the child’s home, school, and neighborhood.

How does ABA work?
ABA therapy is based on behaviorism, so it emphasizes teaching children skills they will need to function in school or social settings and to possibly live independently one day. A behavioral psychologist named Dr. Ivar Lovass developed ABA in the 1980s.

ABA uses a system of rewards to encourage the desired behavior. If the child does not comply, the therapist withholds the reward until they do.

The therapist can use ABA to reduce meltdowns, use words, or share a toy. They can also use ABA to encourage a child to cultivate skills like brushing their teeth properly. Pinnacle Autism Therapy, LLC. Can help you and your child suffering from autism with best therapist.

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