What You Need to Know About Brazilian Hair Treatments

Are you interested in learning more about Brazilian hair treatments? You have no doubt heard all about these types of treatments as everyone from celebs and models to politicians and business leaders are looking their best thanks to these hair care treatments. A Brazilian deep treatment uses keratin, a substance that will help to smooth and straighten your hair in order to remove the frizzy, fuzzy look that often plagues those with curly or wavy hair. Keratin is actually a protein that is naturally found in your body, but when applied to the hair in a certain way, will leave it looking amazing.

How Does a Keratin Treatment Change Your Hair?

When you get a Brazilian deep treatment with keratin, you will find that the procedure will actually boost the keratin that is already present in your hair. This boosted keratin will fully infuse your hair, coating is and giving it a shiny, smooth finish that you simply won’t believe. Once the application has been applied, heat is used, in the form of a blow dryer or flat iron, that will seal in the treatment ensuring that it lasts. Typically you can expect a salon treatment like this to last for 3-4 weeks but you can ensure this by using hair care products like shampoo and conditioner that has keratin in them, as well. In most cases, the application of a Brazilian keratin treatment will only take about 90 minutes and you will walk out of the salon looking and feeling amazing.

Aren’t These Treatments Dangerous to Your Hair?

You may have heard that keratin treatments are dangerous to your hair and can even damage your hair permanently. This isn’t true. These treatments are very safe and you can even do them every 3-4 months without any lasting damage to your hair. Though this is a chemical process, the chemicals used are just as safe as getting a perm or coloring your hair. In fact, it is possibly even better as protein is being put back into your hair, something your hair needs in order to look it’s best.

Following Treatment

If you want to make sure that your treatment is lasting as long as possible, make sure that you follow all salon instructions and use a high quality keratin infused shampoo and conditioner for best results.

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