What Is Holistic Drug Treatment?

As a family member, spouse or parent of a drug addict, you know how difficult life can be. It can be even more difficult if you are trying to help the addict get into a treatment center. Finding the best drug treatment centers in Illinois or outside of the state is usually one of your most pressing considerations.

To make it even more complicated you may be reading various websites of drug treatment centers in Illinois that all seem to provide the same basic types of treatment. Many treatment centers use a medical model where the symptoms of drug addiction are treated exclusively. Yet other programs may seem to provide a more counseling or mental health based approach to recovery. Both options work well for different individuals, but there is yet a third option to consider.

Holistic Drug Treatment

Holistic drug treatment centers in Illinois use a multifaceted approach to drug treatment. They don’t just treat the addiction and the medical symptoms, they treat the entire person. This can include the use of natural detoxification processes, with or without medications, as well as alternative and traditional healing options.

What Is Different?

With true holistic drug treatment centers in Illinois the patient will participate in a range of different counseling activities as well as attend classes and activities that address spirituality, a mind-body focus, physical fitness, and a strong sense of self-reflection.

While many aspects of the treatment, especially the mental health component with individual and group counseling will be the same, people participating in the holistic program can also expect to participate in yoga, meditation and, in some facilities, the use of acupuncture, shiatsu massage and other bodywork treatments.

Nutritional therapy, the importance of exercise in physical and mental health as well as a deep understanding of your personal addiction and triggers are also included in holistic programs.

Holistic drug treatment centers in Illinois can be structured on a residential or out-patient basis, but most people find that the residential treatments are the best option. This allows you to go through detoxification under supervision and care, ridding your body of the drugs while getting the counseling, support and education you need to understand the process and its importance in your recovery. There are many holistic drug treatment centers in Illinois that offer residential treatment options.

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