Why Someone Would Go To A Walk In Medical Clinic In Long Island

Most urgent care clinics around the country have several things in common and one of them is that anyone can just walk in at any time when they are open and get care in a reasonable amount of time. Choosing to go to a walk in medical clinic in Long Island can be a good choice for a few different reasons.

First of all, urgent care typically takes patients who have minor emergencies, sudden illnesses, or are in a lot of pain with a broken bone, serious laceration, or have been in some other sort of accident. The process of calling their family physician to make an appointment for later in the day or a few days down the road is just not an option in that case. Instead, they just want to be able to walk into the clinic and get care as soon as there is a doctor who can see them. And, of course, just like in an emergency room, the worse the emergency the sooner the patient can be seen. This ability to get care without having to make an appointment also works for people who may not be able to plan ahead. For example, if a patient works strange hours or on-call, rather than trying to schedule appointments ahead of time that they then may have to cancel, they can just come in when they need to when they have a chance to get to the clinic.

Another reason why going to a walk in medical clinic in Long Island may be a good choice is dependent on your insurance coverage. Many insurance companies will cover service in a walk in clinic without the patient needing a referral and will cover most of the cost of services there. Most of the time a walk in medical clinic in Long Island will also accept many different types of insurance so it is highly likely that your plan will be accepted in such a walk in clinic. Of course, you should always check at your nearby clinics to make sure that indeed you will be covered and also check with your insurance company to find out exactly under what circumstances you will be covered. The reason many insurance companies are happy to have you go to urgent care clinics is that they are saving a lot of money over having you go to an emergency room, so they will do a great deal to make sure you get seen there as opposed to the very expensive option of going to the hospital.

You might think that because a walk in medical clinic in Long Island just lets patients walk in that their care is somehow substandard or shoddy, but that is not true. A walk in medical clinic in Long Island provides excellent service for their patients who need that flexibility and will do that for you, too.

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