Using Self Massage to Relieve Stress and Strain

You can use self-massage to ease tired muscles as well as to get rid of symptoms of stress and strain. Self-massage can also assist in prolonging the affects of the pain management Palm Beach county patients might undergo at a pain management clinic. Here are a few tips for self-massage at home.

Warming Oils

Self-massage can cause friction and take away from the pleasing affects of massage. It is always easier and more comfortable to use oils and warm oil is even more soothing. You will be able to manipulate your skin and muscles more effectively with oil that you have heated to a comfortable temperature in a cup of water. You can also add essential oils such as eucalyptus if you have a cold or allergies or lavender, rosemary or sage for relaxation.

Foot Massage

A foot massage is one of the easiest for self-massage as most people can reach their feet without too much effort. Use the following technique:

  • Apply figure eights with your knuckle starting at the heel.
  • Use circular motions over the sole to the base of the toes.
  • Small circular motions can be made at the base of the big toe and then along the outside edge of the foot.

Relieving Tiresome Headaches

If you suffer from regular headaches use the following techniques:

  • Apply pressure to the bridge of the nose using your pointing fingers and move upwards to your eye socket bone. This works well for general headaches and you can repeat this 5-10 times.
  • Applying pressure along the cheekbones back to your ears will help ease sinus pain.
  • If you have a tense jaw this can lead to headaches. Try clenching your jaw and then applying pressure with your fingertips along the jaw line.

Stiff Shoulders and Neck

Try these techniques for pain and stiffness in your neck or shoulders:

  • Make a fist and apply it to your neck in a rolling motion concentrating on the base.
  • If this is uncomfortable try reflexology massaging your big toe from the base to the top.

You can use any of these techniques to help ease stress and strain everyday or as you need them to complement the pain management Palm Beach county patients are receiving.

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